Zoekend naar meer info betreffende tal van begrippen? Heeft u dan al eens gekeken op de webstek van de overheid? Je kan er door middel van de zoekmotor vele leerrijke teksten raadplegen. Onder meer juridische informatie, wijzigingen, niet te missen nieuwtjes en vele andere weetjes. Ieder departement heeft zijn eigen site, bijvoorbeeld Financiën, Gezondheid en Justitie. Deze webadressen worden vlug herkend door hun .fgov.be extensie. Zo weet u zeker dat het hier om een officiële bron gaat.


WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform. You can download the WordPress software and install it on your web space.  Thanks to WordPress, everyone can now start creating websites and weblogs without knowledge of HTML and PHP. Just choose a theme, download some plugins and you can start blogging. WordPress is totally free! A small article about the advantages of WordPress can be found here.

The Wordpress software must be installed on your web space. There are a lot of hosting providers where you can buy web space and a domain name. But there is also one hosting provider that allows you to create a web space and a domain name for free: 000Webhost. They are an industry leader in providing top class free web hosting services without advertising. No hidden costs, no advertisements and no restrictive terms makes them an excellent free hosting provider. The company says that they are probably the only hosting company that has proof for “99% uptime guarantee”.  They managed to reach even 99.9% uptime for most of the servers.

So, why don’t we combine their excellent free hosting plan with that state-of-the-art blogging software called “WordPress”? As you’ve probably noticed, it isn’t that easy to install WordPress on your 000Webhost account. That is why I created this video tutorial: “How to Install WordPress on 000Webhost, the free hosting service provider”

Video tutorial: how to install WordPress on 000Webhost

It took me some trial and error before WordPress was installed correctly on my free 000Webhost web space. I can spare you this mess. Just follow my steps in the video tutorial and you’ll have your WordPress blog installed without frustration and without annoying errors. The tutorial consists of 5 videos in wmv-format (HD):

Step 1: Register at 000Webhost.com

Step 2: Download WordPress
duration: 00:02:21

Step 3: Configure WordPress: create a free 000Webhost-database and configure the wp-config file correctly
duration: 00:05:41

Step 4: Upload everything with FileZilla, the free FTP-client
duration: 00:06:11

Step 5: Check it out, it works!
duration: 00:02:33

This tutorial was made on a PC running on Windows Vista and it should be perfect for Windows users. Once you have the tutorial, you don’t have to buy anything. I’ll show you where you can download FileZilla  and WordPress, which are both free and easy to use. In this tutorial I worked with Firefox but I’m sure you can use any other webbrowser as well. English isn’t my mother tongue but I tried to speak clear and you can see everything you have to do on the screen. You can always use the pause button on your media player or rewind the movie clip if things would be going too fast. Feel free to leave a comment here if you liked my video tutorial! In case you would have problems viewing or downloading the videos, contact me and I will provide you with a link where you can watch the tutorial online.

I worked hard on this tutorial. That is why I would like you to buy me a few cups of coffee: buy this tutorial for only $ 7.99 Valentine Promotion Offer: from February 12 to Februari 28 (2010)  only $ 5.99!!
Payment method: Paypal. Please contact me and I will send you a payment request.  When the payment is received, you will be mailed a page with an instant download link to my video tutorial. (84,5 MB, Zip-file).

Greetings and good luck installing WordPress on your free 000Webhost webspace!

Kindly Regards,